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NYCC Racing 1st and 3rd!

3/17/19 - Randall's Island C5 Men


NYCC Racing has a stella day at CRCA Grant's Tomb Criterium!!!

Saturday 9th March 2019

Such a beautiful day… perfect conditions. NYCC Racing was there all day with racers in nearly every field from Juniors to Masters… with some very impressive podiums in a hard faught day!!

Luiz Lanfredi doiung what he does… supported by stella team work… New NYCC racers also left a mark… Andrei Nugaev, Carolina Rabbat and Noah Wood… names you’ll be hearing more about as the season goes on!!!

Grant’s Tomb Results…   


Men's Cat 5 = 2nd Place - Andrei Nugaev

Women’s Cat 5 = 1st Place – Carolina Rabbat

Women’s Cat 3/4/5 = 6th Place (1st Cat5) – Carolina Rabbat

Junior’s Race = 1st Place – Noah Wood

Men’s Cat 2/3 = 2nd Place – Luiz Lanfredi


Next Races…


Tues 19th March - Randall's Island

Sat 23
rd March – CRCA Club Race 2

Sun 24th March – Lucarelli & Castaldi Cup - Prospect Park




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